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How to make FeedBurner banner

If you want to make a banner that looks like below,this guide is for you 🙂

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How to make the banner

1.Make sure you have a FeedBurner account.If dont have,register here

2.Sign In your FeedBurner account.

3.Choose which Feed do you want to access.

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4.Click at the Publicize tab and click +Create new..

user posted image
5.Insert your blog/site link at Clickthrough URL and insert your blog title at Title column.
Then click Activate

user posted image
6.Now your newly created banner is listed under +Create new..
In the picture below,it is 480×60 White.
To get the code for the banner,click Choose One->Other(Just gimme the code)->Next.

user posted image
7.This what the code looks like.Make sure do not tick the Include grab this link box.Copy the code.

user posted image
How to use

a)If you want to use the banner in your friendster profile,just paste the code from step 7 to any area that support HTML such as About Me
user posted image
Preview :
user posted image
b)If you want to use in online forum,make sure u change the code first.Look for the example below.

Original Code:

<a href=”″><img src=”” alt=”Tutorial & Tech Blog (Malay)” style=”border:0″></a>

Tips on modifying the code:


– get the 2 url from the Original Code.In my example,the url is and

-replace the URL1 and URL2 in this code with the url from Original Code




-so the final code look like this

Modified Code:




Paste your modified code into your post or signature.


user posted image

That’s all. smile.gif


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4 thoughts on “How to make FeedBurner banner

  1. At Step 4, I can’t find “Create New”. Where is it? These are what I can see:

    * Headline Animator
    Display rotating headlines
    * BuzzBoost
    Republish your feed as HTML
    * SpringWidgets Skin
    * Email Subscriptions
    Offer feed updates via email
    * PingShot
    Notify services when you post
    * FeedCount
    Show off your feed circulation
    * Chicklet Chooser
    * Awareness API
    * Creative Commons
    * Password Protector
    * NoIndex

  2. You should select > headline animator ..

    Hope this helps..

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  4. bagus tips nie… ,memang berguna banner nie.. leh letakkat forum…
    .-= imabiz´s last blog ..oH! Video Tv – Video TV Untuk Anda =-.

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