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Temporary Maintenance

Thank you for visiting Friendster. While our goal is to give you 24-hour access to Friendster, from time to time, we need to do maintenance to ensure you have the best possible experience. We will be back online shortly.

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Here are some FAQs to help address your concerns:

  • What happened to my friends?
    Currently, the number of friends in the friends list is being displayed incorrectly.

  • Are my friends lost permanently?
    No. The data for all friend connections is intact and is not lost.

  • When can this be fixed?
    Friendster is currently working on this problem and we hope to have this fixed within 24 hours.

  • Can I still add friends while the problem has not yet been fixed?
    Yes, users can still add new friends and use other features of the site.

  • What caused this problem?
    There was a building-wide power outage at the QTS / Globix data center in Sunnyvale, California, USA where Friendster’s servers are co-located, along with about 50 other customers. As a result, the memory caching of data was affected. Since Friendster has 85 million users, the cache is taking a considerable amount of time to build. Once the cache has been completely built, all friends will re-appear.


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14 thoughts on “ downtime!!!

  1. Patut la 2,3 ari dh xleh access fs…smlm bleh jap tp friend list smua mess up…

  2. yeap….aku dr kwn ade 600 jd 1k lebeh…yg lebeh2 tuh aku xtawu la acc fs aku sedut sape punyer kwn hee..

    tp la neh dh ok fs list..sekalik manyak kwn aku xleh bukak page..private..ntah pe2…iskh…lame btol maintenance kali neh…

  3. aku baru test tadi.friendster dah ok.

  4. mmg dh leh log in…tp prob nyer…kwn2 aku manyak private..pdhal dh add..ko nyer fs mane aku leh view..even aku dh add ko…komen ko xleh nk reply huhu

  5. bkn ape.. xleh komen or view restricted page 2 coz kwn ko sume da hilang.. Fs kene hack la 2.. ari2 da kene hack 2 yg die org update patch die org.. skrg ni xtau ape yg berlaku.. mebi server down n data byk hlg or something like dat la.. cluster rosak ke.. xleh backup.. haha..

  6. owh…ok…thanx pitoyaa..hee

  7. Kalo baca yg kat atas aku copy paste tu mmg masalah server crash la…diorang lam proses nk rebuilt cache..

    Nanti2 ok la kot…

  8. hope fs xsakit dh…huhu…aku xleh xde fs..leh kentut berdarah kang ekekkeke 😛

  9. nk rebuild cache yg tmpung 85milion users 2.. xtau la.. mebi sebulan.. or lebih.. mmg la 1 perkara yg mnyakitkan apabila nk pindah data center ke tempat lain.. seb baik friendster.. kalau business punyer company mau bankcrupt.. (N)

  10. owh yeke…dasat jugak penyakit fs neh huhu…skang dh ok ckit dh fs neh..

    uikss…kalu comp dh bankrupt..huhu..aku bkn dak it so kureng tawu hee

  11. da ok balik da pun..

  12. Aah bguslah skarang dh ok gak 🙂

  13. yeap dh ok ckit…tp aku still ade prob nk view private profile huhuhu

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